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Upload CVs (Resumes)

Candidates can fill out basic information and submit a CV, so you get a full candidate profile built up inside HireCRM.

Automatic Pipeline Integration

When a candidate applies to one of your job postings, we'll automatically add them to the pipeline.


You'll get a free professional * email address with HireCRM. Within HireCRM you can create and receive emails between yourself and candidates.


Keep your team in sync at all times by creating notes for your candidates, clients and jobs.

Pipelines & Triggers

As you move your candidates around in your hiring pipeline, we'll automatically trigger events that you define. Need to send an onboarding email once you've moved a candidate to the Hired stage? Easy.


More than an ATS

We're more than just an ATS, we've streamlined the entire hiring process inside our software with a focus on candidate and client relations.


Hire faster and easier with our ATS & CRM all-in-one software.

  • Candidate relationship management.
  • Client relationship management.
  • Streamlined hiring process using Pipelines.
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Careers Site

Integrated seamlessly with our HireCRM software, you'll get a free whitelabeled Careers Site!

  • Free, and integrated with HireCRM.
  • Completely whitelabeled, no Nybbl branding.
  • Integrate Google Analytics.
  • Use your own domain.
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